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NAME: _______________________________ DATE:___/____/___                           ADDRESS:_____________________________  PHONE:(___)_____                           CITY: ___________________________  STATE: _____ ZIP:_______                            EMAIL _______________________________________________                           Individual: $20.00 (One vote total)Family: $25.00 (2 parents & minor children under the age of 18 living at the same address) (2 votes total)Business: $30.00 (one vote total)Life Membership: $225.00 per person (1 vote total)Patron MembershipPatron: $55.00 (2 adults in the same family plus any children under 18 living at the same address (2 votes total) As a benefit of your membership, you will be named as a patron member of one of our museums, or of the society as a whole, and $30 of your total $55 membership dues will be allocated towards that museum. Please choose one of the following: Jennie Munger Gregory Museum Giddings Law Office Blakeslee Log Cabin Ashtabula County Historical Society Please make checks payable to the 

Ashtabula County Historical Society and send to 

P.O. Box 36, 

Jefferson, Ohio 44047 ​A.C.H.S. Headquarters Office Phone: 866-533-3277 Members must be present to cast their ballot at the Annual Meeting held in the fall.

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