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​We were given a PDF file of scans made of the book "History of Ashtabula County, Ohio, by Williams, W. W." (printed in 1878) by our friends at the Platt R Spencer Historical Society in Geneva. This has been redone so that it is possible to do word searches on your computer, phone or tablet. That will help people find just the exact thing they are looking for in Ashtabula County history between it's founding and 1878. Most computers now have PDF readers on them, which may be built into your Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. If not you can download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader program from.

This was a HUGE PDF file, since it contained 415 pages, it has been split into 2 parts. Downloading both will take a fairly long time. Please click BELOW to download it.

Once you have it there you can search for any word or phrase by holding down the CTRL key and hitting the F key to Find what you need. You may get any number of items which you can then scroll through until you find what you need. You can also use Ctrl C to copy them to use in an editor to collect all that you want. Once there use Ctrl V to place them where needed.

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Join the society and become a member of the team of volunteers and history lovers who are helping us save the stories and historic properties of Ohio's largest county. Memberships start at just $18 a year for individuals. They make great gifts and members receive our newsletters. The form can be downloaded and mailed, along with payment, to: 

Ashtabula County Historical Society

P.O. Box 36 

Jefferson, Ohio 44047

Phone number: 866-533-3277

Bliss and Tragedy Books now available again

On a bitter cold night in late December, 1876, a passenger train fell into the Ashtabula River gulf, killing nearly 100 passengers and crew and injuring dozens more. It was the worst American rail disaster up to that time.

The second printing of the book "Bliss and Tragedy, The Ashtabula Railway Bridge Accident of 1876 and the Loss of P.P.Bliss" tells the story of this tragedy through a series of essays. The book is edited by the late Dr. Thomas Corts. Cost of this soft cover book (second edition) is $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping. 

Purchase in the gift shop of The Lodge and Conference Center at GOTL, pick up at the Jennie Munger Gregory Memorial Museum in GOTL or send a check to: 


P.O. box 36, 

Jefferson, OH 44047

Second oldest Historical Society in Ohio, Since July 17, 1838


Jennie Munger Gregory Memorial Museum ( our research facility) will be open Thursdays from 1 to 4 normally. If you need to visit at a different time please request it below.

The Giddings Law Office and Blakelslee Log Cabin don't have regular hours but you can arrange a visit by filling in the form below or calling 866-533-3277

Log Cabin Days 2022 is now completed and a good time was had by all.

The weather was great on Saturday with blue sky and sunshine all day long. We had many people arrive and had a great time telling about the history of Ashtabula County.

Early Sunday morning was sounding questionable with the pitter patter of rain on my roof. Before all concerned were getting ready to start at noon, just to realize that the rain had stopped. The rest of the afternoon was cloudy but dry. Then when 5:00 PM ended the display day and clean up was near completion a slight drizzle started, just as the last few people left. So how perfect can a weekend be?

Christmas Wreaths sale completed, thanks to all who will decorate their doors with them this season.

Ashtabula County Historical Society

P.O. Box 36 

Jefferson, Ohio 44047

 2023 Board of Trustees officers

Gregory Kocjancic                 Board of Trustee----President

Rhonda Wright                     Board of Trustee----V President

Courtney Johnson                 Board of Trustee----Treasure 

Stephanie Blessing                Board of Trustee----Secretary

Ashtabula County Historical Society Board of Trustees

Full Board is 11 Members

2023  Trustee                                             Term Ends

Stephanie Blessing                                        12/31/2025

Lynn Cummings                                           12/31/2024

Courtney Johnson                                        12/31/2024

John Johnson                                             12/31/2025

Greg Kocjancic                                            12/31/2023

Dave Martin                                               12/31/2023

Britta Shaffer                                             12/31/2025

Allen Slater                                               12/31/2024

Alan Varner                                               12/31/2025

John Wright                                              12/31/2024

Rhonda Wright                                           12/31/2023

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